before forming the ‘Mericans, singer / guitarist Chris Daltry was in a band
called Purple Ivy Shadows from 1991-2002. until PIS has a proper site of its own,
here’s a page with a little Purple Ivy info and music.


Purple Ivy Shadows Logo
but before that, be sure to go to see Purple Ivy Shadows play
Boston on Friday 19th September. Purple Ivy Shadows was the band
that ‘Mericans singer Chris Daltry played / sang in from 1991-2002
when that band ended and the ‘Mericans began.
click here for more information.

Purple Ivy Shadows play Pipeline 25th Anniversary Show on Friday 19th September 2014 at Cuisine en Locale in Somerville, Mass


Death Vessel + Purple Ivy Shadows Sunday 23rd March 2014 at Columbus Theatre in Providence Poster

Purple Ivy Shadows will be Playing a Special Reunion Show on
Sunday 23rd March 2014 as the Opening Act for Death Vessel at the
Columbus Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island. if it’s not sold out yet
get your tickets here. Paul Williamson of the ‘Mericans has joined
the band as bassist and will play this show!



in January 2014 Purple Ivy Shadows got back together to rehearse for
their first show in over 11 years. while it’s not likely a permanent reunion, the
band regrouped to take part in the Celebrations for Release of the New Album
‘A Tribute to Providence’ by the ‘Mericans who covered the PIS song “Pawtucket
for ‘A Tribute to Providence‘. the show is Sunday 19th January 2014
at the Parlour in Providence, Rhode Island. filling in on bass for
this show is Pete Donnelly of the Figgs.


Purple Ivy Shadows 'Whoever's South Is Northern Also'

Purple Ivy Shadows ‘Whoever’s South Is Northern Also’


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