some ‘Mericans happenings

but for now we’ve just released a special 20th Anniversary
expanded + remastered reissue of our debut album ‘Merican Recordings
with 3 bonus tracks! you can stream / download it on Bandcamp
where you can also order vinyl LPs and CDs of the album



the ‘Mericans are working on a new record!

but before that’s done here’s a benefit single we’re
releasing to help our dear friend Maggie Jeanne Siegel
in her battle with brain cancer.

For Maggie Cover Artwork


the ‘Mericans are working on a new record!
so that means we won’t be playing many live shows
except for a special appearance at the Columbus Theatre on
Saturday 15th February as part of The Love Hangover 2020



the ‘Mericans have contributed a brand new recording
of a new original song to a benefit compilation album called
For A Better Life that benefits the great non-profit
Immigrant Families Together. this organization helps
asylum seeking immigrant families separated from one
another at the US border. we stand with these people and
believe the US government has done them wrong.

click here for more information

the song we contributed is called “Climbing Fences”
which deals with what we feel are misguided attempts to
re-write both American history and law in order to promote
a racist agenda that we believe has no place in this day and
age. it was recorded in June 2019 and was mixed by
Pete Donnelly who also has mixed several
albums by the ‘Mericans.

compilation cover

we hope you’ll consider downloading For A Better Life.

and in other news, catch ‘Mericans singer Chris Daltry
as a guest vocalist on Saturday 14th December at a benefit
concert at the Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI called
69 Love Songs Tribute – a Benefit for Maggie Siegel. this will be
a special night of lots of local musicians with guest vocalists
covering songs from the classic Magnetic Fields album.
the show benefits our artist friend Maggie who
was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.

69 Love Songs Benefit for Maggie Siegel

also stay tuned for a soon-to-be-released new
benefit single by the ‘Mericans that will also help
raise $ for Maggie as she is treated and
recovers from cancer.


the ‘Mericans are working on a new record!
but for now, here’s our most recent recording, a cover
of a song by Lead Belly called “It’s Almost Day.” and beneath
that is a live video of a new ‘Mericans song.


annual appearance at the Southside Community Land Trust’s
Rare + Unusual Plant Sale on Sunday 20th May


the ‘Mericans are working on a new record!
so that means we won’t be playing many live shows until
the Spring, including an opening slot for Miracle Legion
at the Narrows in Fall River!



happy Summer from the ‘Mericans!
hopefully this finds you well. we’re
writing to let you know about 2 upcoming
shows in Rhode Island, and also what’s new with
the ‘Mericans.first up, there’s a free early show
this Saturday 20th August from 6:30-9pm
at the Roger Williams National Memorial
on N. Main Street (“that” little park!)

Saturday 20th August
from 6:30-9pm
‘Mericans play Downtown Sundown Series
Roger Williams National Memorial
282 North Main Street

!! FREE !!

Cowboy And Lady
Sara Azriel
the ‘Mericans
Liv Baxter


Wednesday 24th August at 7:30pm
the ‘Mericans play AS220 with Mary Bee
AS220 in Downcity PVD
115 Empire Street


this show is to celebrate the
release of ‘Blueprints‘ by Mary Bee!
a while back, Mary moved out to LA to
pursue her music career. before moving
she was a big part of the Providence
scene and has always been a friend of
the ‘Mericans (she even hosted a house
concert for us in LA not long ago).

the ‘Mericans go on early and
doors are at 7:30pm with Will Brierly
and others playing as well.

hear a track from ‘Blueprints’ here


and now for some news. after
many years of focusing on the full-band
rock and roll side of things, this Summer
brings a change of sound and structure to
the band. the ‘Mericans will be focusing
on being more of a stripped-down acoustic
group, with an entirely different
lineup. it just became too difficult
to maintain a productive schedule as a
5 piece rock band, so that’s on the
backburner until that can work.

so thank you everyone in the
most recent version of the band for
their time, creativity and good times.
it’s been great playing with you
guys Michael Moore, Matt Rozzero,
Peter Landry and Mark Howard.

these two upcoming shows will both
feature new people and a new direction.
it’ll all lead to a new songs with
many shows and a new album!

Chris Daltry
the ‘Mericans


on Saturday 9th May 2015 the ‘Mericans will
celebrate the release of a new album that’s called
Ridin’ The Rails With the ‘Mericans which is an album
of covers of train songs that was recorded in February 2015
by ‘Mericans singer Chris Daltry while on a cross-country
train trip aboard Amtrak. the album will be available 5.9.15
as a Free Download via our Bandcamp Page and
that night Chris and Mark of the ‘Mericans will play
some of the songs at the Providence Public Library
at a special unplugged acoustic show . also playing
are Allysen Callery and John Faraone.
the show is free and from 7-11pm.


and on Sunday 17th May some of
the ‘Mericans will play another unplugged
free show at the Southside Community Land Trust
for their annual Rare and Unusual Plant Sale!
the ‘Mericans play at Noon and will
be joined by special guests.




the 'Mericans play Spinal Tap

the ‘Mericans are working on / writing a new album! that means
less shows in the coming months, but there will be something special
on Saturday 1st November 2014. it’ll be a Halloween thing, and also
to help our friends at the Parlour celebrate their Anniversary.for this
show the ‘Mericans will be dressing and playing as Spinal Tap!

click here for more info


the 'Mericans play the WBRU Summer Concert Series at Waterplace Park with Sleeper Agent on Friday 1st August 2014 Free Show


a little bit of new from ‘Mericans HQ is that
Paul Williamson, our bassist for some time now,
has moved on to pursue his own bass and drum
mixes. this was a big bummer to us all, but we know
that the beat goes on, so we wish Paul the best.

that said, a new ‘Merican has fallen into our
laps – we are excited to announce that our newest
member, on bass guitar, is Peter Landry!

the 'Mericans are happy to welcome our latest addition Peter Landry on Bass Guitar!


Sleepyhead Boston Record Release Show Poster Designed by Uncle Pete MacPhee (Small)

– – – – – – SATURDAY 24th MAY 2014 – – – – – –


our friends Sleepyhead have been playing excellent indie rock
music since 1989 but haven’t released a new album in 15 years. their
new album is called ‘Wild Sometimes‘ and you can hear it here.
the ‘Mericans open up for Sleepyhead at their Boston Record
Release Show which will be held at Cuisine en Locale in Somerville.
the doors open for dinner and drinks at 6pm and music starts at 9pm.



March 15th 2014

the 'Mericans open for Mark Mulcahy of Miracle Legion on Saturday 15th March 2014
the ‘Mericans open for Mark Mulcahy of Miracle Legion on
Saturday 15th March 2014 at the Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI.
get tickets here and go to this show! here’s the Facebook Event Page too.


14 January 2014

today the ‘Mericans were Featured in the Providence Journal!
Projo writer Andy Smith talked with Chris Daltry of the ‘Mericans about
the band’s new album ‘A Tribute to Providence‘ and the Special Record Release Shows 
happening in Providence on Saturday 18th January 2014 and Sunday 19th January 2014
at the Parlour in Providence.  you can read the article in print and also by clicking here.

the 'Mericans a Tribute to Providence in the Providence Journal on January 14th 2014

there were also recently features in the Providence Phoenix and
Providence Monthly which you can read by clicking the links above or
on the images below. thanks to the Providence media for their support!

the Providence Phoenix Feature the 'Mericans album 'A Tribute to Providence'
January 2014 Providence Monthly Photo + Headline Feature on the 'Mericans album 'A Tribute to Providence'
31 December 2013

the ‘Mericans announce 2 Special Record Release Shows for their
new album ‘A Tribute to Providence’ to be held on Sat 18th Jan + Sun 19th Jan 2014
at The Parlour which is located at 1119 North Main Street in Providence, Rhode Island.
for the first show, the ‘Mericans will play All 20 Songs from ‘A Tribute to Providence’
with Special Guest Appearances on Saturday 18th January. the next night will be a
Showcase of Many of the Bands the ‘Mericans covered for ‘A Tribute to Providence’ 
on Sunday 19th January including a performance by ‘Mericans singer Chris Daltry’s
old band Purple Ivy Shadows who haven’t played together since 2002!

the 'Mericans a Tribute to Providence Release Show Poster

the lineup for the Sunday 19th January Show is amazing and diverse.
besides the Purple Ivy Shadows Reunion, the 1990s beloved indie pop band
the Nonpareils will also be reuniting for this show! Allysen Callery will be playing
a set too. The Low Anthem were covered on ‘A Tribute . . .’ but they declined our invitation
to play this show, so we’ve booked Arc Iris instead! a while back, Jocie Adams left the
Low Anthem to pursue her own music, and Arc Iris is it – and it’s excellent. initially
Pete Donnelly was going to be representing the Figgs but now the Figgs are playing! Pete
mixed and mastered ‘A Tribute to Providence’ (and 2 other ‘Mericans albums!) and not only
do we love his work on our records, but also his own songs as well. in 2012 we were
treated to reunions of ’90s indie legends Small Factory and Honeybunch, and while we
would’ve loved it if Small Factory could join us for this show, we couldn’t make that
happen – but Honeybunch is playing, and they’re always a treat to see! and then there’s
Purple Ivy Shadows who haven’t played together since 2002. there would be no
the ‘Mericans if not for Purple Ivy Shadows – ‘Mericans singer / guitarist Chris Daltry
moved to Providence in 1993 with his old band PIS and has stayed here ever since. also
note that Purple Ivy drummer Frank Mullin will be playing with the Nonpareils too.
representing Scarce will be a great new band called Reindeer which is made up of
3/4 of Scarce and fronted by Seana Carmody who used to be in The Swirlies back
in the ’90s. they’re great and you can hear them here. and last but not least
is the Brother Kite who’s new album ‘Model Rocket’ is incredible.

the 'Mericans Tribute Jan 19th 2014 Showcase Poster with Purple Ivy Shadows and Nonpareils

11 November 2013

the ‘Mericans have just released their 4th album ‘A Tribute to Providence’
which contains 20 covers of twenty Providence bands from 1987-2013.
the album is available now as a free download!

download and / or stream any or all of ‘A Tribute to Providence’ by the ‘Mericans for Free online Here:

the 'Mericans - A Tribute to Providence the 'Mericans Phoenix 35th Anniversary Show at Lupo's Poster

the ‘Mericans play Free Show at Lupo’s on Thursday 21st November 2013

on Thursday 21st November the ‘Mericans play an Early Free Show at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
in Downtown Providence to help the Providence Phoenix celebrate their 35th Anniversary! the ‘Mericans
play at 7pm and will be followed by Mark Cutler + the Men of Great Courage and the fun
Extraordinary Rendition Band and also the Big Nazo Band. it’s an
Early Show from 7-10pm so stop by after work!

1 June 2013

the ‘Mericans play the Parlour on Saturday 1 June with
Willard Grant Conspiracy and Barn Burning. the show starts at 9pm
with the ‘Mericans on first. click here for the facebook event page.

the 'Mericans play The Parlour with Willard Grant Conspiracy and Barn Burning on Sat 1st June 2013

the ‘Mericans play The Parlour with Willard Grant Conspiracy and Barn Burning on Sat 1st June 2013

26 May 2013

the ‘Mericans have been Included in the AS220 “Spring Sampler” which is a
Free Download available at the Free Music Archive online. they used our song “Badlands At Daybreak”
and this Free Sampler includes lots of great free Providence Music.

AS220 Spring Sampler 2013 Featuring the 'Mericans

AS220 Spring Sampler 2013 Featuring the ‘Mericans

click here to download the sampler!

4 March 2013

the Mericans Pawtucket - Slow Down Single Cover
the ‘Mericans – “Pawtucket” / “Slow Down” Single
this Single is a Free Download on Bandcamp and it Features two Covers : “Pawtucket” by Purple Ivy Shadows and “Slow Down” by The Feelies. for those of you who don’t know, Chris Daltry of the ‘Mericans played Guitar and Sang in Purple Ivy Shadows before forming the ‘Mericans. that band was around from 1991-2001 and “Pawtucket” was from the album ‘No Less The Trees Than The Stars’ by Purple Ivy Shadows.

listen to / download the latest ‘Mericans album ‘So Late It Hurts’ here:

the 'Mericans 'So Late It Hurts' Album Cover (Artwork by Jennifer Daltry)

the new album ‘So Late It Hurts’ by the ‘Mericans
can be mail ordered! it’s available on Vinyl LP Records + CDs
and while we’ll soon have an online method to make payments soon
for now we’ll help you if you write us an email at
chrisdaltry (at) gmail (dot) com

the Vinyl LP costs $15 + Shipping
the CD / Compact Disc costs $10 + Shipping

the ‘Mericans succeeded in their Kickstarter Campaign for their New Album ‘So Late It Hurts’

on Sunday 20th March Chris Daltry of the ‘Mericans played a benefit
at Billy Goode’s Tavernin Newport, RI to help a Great Bar stay afloat in these tough
economic times. the band has played at Billy Goode’s several times

Sunday 20th March
the ‘Mericans play a Benefit for
23 Marlborough Street
Newport, RI, 02840

this Saturday 19th March the ‘Mericans play Worcester, Mass for the first time.
we’ll be playing a club called the Raven who tracked us down and asked if we’d come and
play their club. the show starts at 8:30pm and we go on at 10-ish.
the cover charge is $5 for 21+ and $8 under 21.

when recording our new album ‘So Late It Hurts’ we tracked some extra songs
including a Cover Version of a song by the Feelies called “Slow Down” from their
album ‘The Good Earth‘. our version of the song is now available as a Free Download
on the 75orLess record label as part of a giant 39 Song Free Download Album
called Failed Tribute Bands

the ‘Mericans “Surprise” from the Upcoming Album ‘So Late It Hurts’

the 'Mericans live @ Roots Hoot House Concert 15th January 2011

'Gansett Anniversary Poster


Gansett 120th Poster

Mike and Chris will be performing as an Electric Duo for this special
Post-Thanksgiving Show with our NJ friends Birkitt Transmissions

'Mericans Penalty Box 11.27.2010

the ‘Mericans have just 2 more Shows booked before we get working on getting
our New Record together to hopefully be released by November or December. on
Friday 17th September we perform Live at the Providence Firefighter’s Memorial Hall at 6pm
(Free Show) as part of their big 4th Annual PKD Music Festival which lasts all weekend and
benefits research for Polycystic Kidney Disease. the ‘Mericans play really early at 6pm
and we’ll be playing a nice long set. for more info click here

and the we play live at the Pawtucket Rock And Roll Yard Sale at The Met! for more info click here

Sunday 3rd October 2010 Pawtucket Rock And Roll Yard Sale Poster by Uncle

the last ‘Mericans show of the Summer is at the Somerville Rock And Roll Yard Sale
on Saturday 7th August (raindate is the following day) from 3-7pm at Union Square in
Somerville, Massachusetts. also playing are our old Indie-Rock-Pop friends Sleepyhead,
Tad Overbaugh & the Later Arrivals, Thea Hopkins plus DJs spinning Vinyl as well!

Somerville Rock And Roll Yard Sale August 7th 2010 Poster By Uncle

the ‘Mericans had a blast playing Thursday 22nd July 2010 at the
Burnside Park Beer Garden Concert Series in Providence. thanks to everyone at
Greater Kennedy Plaza for having us play, and to everyone who came out
for a perfect evening in the park.

'Mericans Burnside Park Photo By Beth Comery July 22nd 2010

the ‘Mericans with Low Anthem & the Wrong Reasons Monday 19th July
(Benefit for David Segal) @ Firehouse 13 in Providence, RI. for more information and
to buy tickets / donate click on the links

'Mericans David Segal Benefit Monday 19 July With Low Anthem

the Newest ‘Merican is Paul Williamson on Bass!


the ‘Mericans pay Tribute to Alex Chilton (Box Tops, Big Star) in Providence on
Friday 9 July 2010 at the 201 (201 Westminster Street, Downtown Providence) along with the
Blizzard of ’78, the OverNighters, Ques Paulson, the Quiet Turnaround and others.

Alex Chilton

the ‘Mericans are playing the Plough & Stars in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Wednesday 7th July (Free Show) at 9:30pm with Tom Baker (Dirty Truckers) opening
up the show for us! stop by if you can!

Plough & Stars

'Mericans Friday 25 June 2010 David Segal Benefit Concert Poster

'Mericans 17 June 2010 Narrows Poster By Uncle Pete


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