‘So Late It Hurts’ by the ‘Mericans (Reviewed July 1st 2011 by Jonathan Perry in The Boston Globe)

the ‘Mericans ‘So Late It Hurts’ Album Cover

“Singer-songwriter Chris Daltry of Providence has been making darkly majestic, slowcore-tinged music
since the early ’90s, when he led his first band Purple Ivy Shadows, down lantern-lit paths of dream-pop wonder
and soft psych parades that marched (and, sadly, vanished) into the mists of a new millennium. Thankfully,
for those of us who like a little moodiness mixed with our melodies (think Pernice Brothers, Grandaddy,
Varnaline) and guitars that tend to shimmer rather than shred, Daltry’s post-Purple endeavor
picks up the baton the Shadows dropped somewhere around 2001.

The ‘Mericans’ third album is a thing of beauty and reckoning, with an
aching undertow and a thematic core that sounds restlessly political – the opener,
“When a Peaceful Bird Can’t Hear Her Own Song” is a sorrowful stunner, but whose sense of
intimacy always feels intensely personal. The saturnine sparkle of “Language of America”
particularly catches the ear, but throughout, Daltry’s just-this-side-of-craggy, Tweedy-esque
demeanor gives these otherwise burnished songs a coat of rustic immediacy.

So late it hurts? For Auto-tuned musical fashions of the moment, maybe. But for those
who like following darker yet illuminating paths, the ‘Mericans are right on time.”

‘So Late It Hurts’ by the ‘Mericans (Reviewed June 16th 2011 by Rick Massimo in The Providence Journal)

“So Late It Hurts” is moody and powerful, rocking and reflective — in other words, it’s a ’Mericans record, from the grand opener
“When a Peaceful Bird Can’t Hear Her Own Song” to the gorgeously shimmering “Our Strength in Numbers.”

(Trevor Medeiros reviews ‘So Late It Hurts’ by the ‘Mericans in the August 2011 issue of SOCO Magazine)

So Late It Hurts by the ‘Mericans is “bustling with sophisticated sonic layering,
soothing harmonies, and elaborate instrumental endings.”

(Chris Conti of the Providence Phoenix reviews ‘So Late It Hurts’ by the ‘Mericans)

“A little gloom chased down with a shot of hope and redemption, presented
with a well-worn smile. Smoldering tremolo-at-dusk cuts like “Language of America”
“Our Strength In Numbers,” and “No One Up There Is Listening” are standouts, but I’ll take “Car”
as an all-time ‘Mericans favorite. Fans of Galaxie 500, Wilco, and Buffalo Tom take notice.”

Mayer Danzig of Twangville Reviews ‘So Late It Hurts‘ by the ‘Mericans

“There’s an uneasy comfort in the ‘Mericans music. Singer-songwriter Chris Daltry sings with
a vocal warmth that recalls Jeff Tweedy, surrounded by harmonies and jangly guitars from the
rest of the band. The melodies and lyrics, however, have a sense of wanderlust and abandon.
“From here it seems everything’s alright, but I still don’t know where nowhere is,” considers
Daltry in a lyric that captures a sentiment reflective of this impressive release.”

Chris Conti of the Providence Phoenix writes about the ‘Mericans

“the ‘Mericans boast a sometimes smooth, sometimes bristly, melancholic brew of
melodic,  guitar-driven roots, folk, and Americana. Their latest album, So Late It Hurts, is a nice
winter warmer and worth looking up.”


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